With Walmart, timing is everything! We will help you understand the “buying cycle” and how to execute the Buying Process Calendar. As part of our services, we will help you build a category modular for every category you play in! Whether it is virtual or actual physical product, this is one of the differentiating factors that assist you in preparing for your next buyer meeting. The following list displays all the modular services that we provide:


Along with our modular services we provide an imaging service for all of Walmart’s modular imaging requests. For clients with the full service package, this service is included, but for those who are working with a tight deadline from a buyer we are here to help. We provide Modular imaging that is in compliance to the Walmart Imaging Guide. For this service we charge a flat rate for items that need imaged. This provides a quick and easy solution with no long lead time. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions!

  • Build line reviews customized for each buyer and planner
  • Ensure buyer is prepared for DMM and GMM Line Review
  • Item Creation within Walmart Systems
  • Where applicable, we ensure that your item is in multiple categories/multiple departments
  • We help get your item into as many stores as possible by managing the Modular Cut Downs
  • Compliance/Wercs/CTL
  • Compliant with Pack and 1/2 requirement